The holidays are coming, fast and furious! And to help with shopping for the weaver in your life, I’ve compiled a special Weaver’s Holiday Wish List. This is a fun, comprehensive list of gift ideas that will make your favorite fiber lover squeal with delight! Here we go! (This list is organized from big investment to small investment.)

Big Investments –

Loom. You have LOTS of options for where to purchase a loom. A Schacht loom is my favorite. But, I’ve also worked on and enjoyed a LeClerc loom. However, before you randomly buy a loom as a gift, I recommend a conversation with your intended recipient – just to be sure you are both on the same page!

Weaving Bench. A weaving bench isn’t simply a place to sit. It’s adjustable and contains storage, which is a bonus!

Medium Investments –

Bobbin winder.

Cone holder.

Lights. Good lighting is key for any weaver. Special bulbs, clamp lights, adjustable lights – all good.

Shuttles. Like many of the other options, it would be better to chat with your weaver before ordering shuttles – simply because she/he may already have their eye on a specific kind and size.

Warping Board.

Yarn. A gift certificate for yarn. Cones or tubes of yarn. This one is obvious, right? If you have a local place like Three Moons Fiberworks, start there. If not, places like WEBS, The Woolery, Gist Yarns, Halcyon, or the Kansas City Yarn Barn all provide an extensive collection of yarns.

Small Investments –

Ball winder.

Fringe twisters.

Sett checker.

Warping paddle.

Weaving books.

Yarn bowls. Have you seen these? They look like a plain ‘ole bowl with a little swirl in one side. The idea is that your yarn can sit in the bowl and evenly feed out of it while warping your project onto the warping board or mill.

Other Fun Accessories –

Baskets. Once you pull a weaving project together, it’s nice to have a place all your yarn can sit for easy access. For that, I love a basket! Various sizes are perfect since a project may include a few cones, or a small army.

Journal for tracking a project. If you’d like a weaving-related notebook, I have some right here, in stock! Enjoy!

Pad of grid paper for brainstorming a project.

Scissors. A weaver typically has no less than 3 pairs of scissors laying around at any one time. And a really nice pair is something we may not always think to buy ourselves.

Weaving Calendar. For a bit of monthly inspiration, the Acton Creative 2021 Weaving Calendar would be a lovely addition.

Happy Shopping!

Hopefully, this list sparked some great ideas for the weaver in your life! The Weaver’s Holiday Wish List was meant to make your life easier since weavers are special, unique artists with special, unique equipment. As one last suggestion, I’m offering the Holiday Weaving Lovers Set that includes a 2021 Calendar, a Weaving Notebook, and a Woven Holiday Ornament. You can simply order one of those and call it good!

If you have specific questions about a recommended item or would like clarification, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I’ll be sure to give you more information. Happy Shopping, my friend!