Starting to think about holiday gifts for your favorite weaver? I’ve included LOTS of ideas for you in the Weaver’s Wish List 2021! Matter of fact, I’ve organized it by size (price tag), making it easy to match up the item with your budget. Happy Shopping, my friend!

Just a note – this post is chock-full of links to help your shopping experience! I did this intentionally so you could quickly and easily check off your gift list for your favorite weaver. Feel free to take advantage of the easy access! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Big Gifts –

A Loom – This is the Mac Daddy gift when it comes to the Weaver’s Wish List 2021! Looms come in a huge array of sizes, shapes, and budgets. They can range from a small to a substantial investment. Because of that, please be sure to have a conversation with your favorite weaver before randomly purchasing a loom. This isn’t a random sort of purchase.

Weaving Bench – A weaving bench isn’t simply a place to sit. It’s adjustable and contains storage, which is a bonus!

Medium Gifts –

Bobbin winder – A bobbin winder can be manual or electric (talk about a fun, zippy gift!). Check with your weaver to see what they already have, if anything. They might have specific ideas on this.

Cone holder – Have you seen these? I’ve been drooling over one for awhile now! A cone holder comes in handy when you are standing at the warping board, warping multiple different yarns at the same time. Any help I can get when trying to multi-task is welcome!

Warping Board – A warping board or a warping mill are essential items for a new weaver who wants to dive into the world of weaving. I use mine every single time I start a project. It will be a perfect addition to his/her list of weaving tools. Here is the link to the Schacht warping board I own. 

Lights – Good lighting is key for any weaver. Special bulbs, clamp lights, adjustable fixtures – all good. This can really enhance a weaver’s experience and is worth every penny!

Shuttles – Who doesn’t love a good shuttle? These are amazing, gorgeous vehicles that deliver your weft yarn exactly where you want it to go! Perfect gifts! Here is the catch. There are a number of different styles and sizes out there. Be sure to find out what your weaver has in mind before you purchase!

Yarn – Yes, my friend, don’t forget the yarn! I highly recommend a gift certificate, simply for the fact that a weaver’s stash is always changing. So to purchase actual cones or tubes of yarn could be tricky. If you have a local weaving store, please start there. (It is just good karma to support local!) If you don’t, you are welcome to borrow mine, Three Moons Fiberworks. Rebecca will take great care of you! Of course, there are lots of other online options, too! Feel free to explore those, if the other choices don’t quite fit the bill.

Small Gifts –

Ball winder – While we usually associate a ball winder with our knitting/crocheting/spinning friends, it does come in handy on occasion! Trust me on this. (Here is an example of what you are looking for!)

Fringe twisters – For the weaver who loves to finish their project with a decorative flourish, a fringe twister is a perfect gift!

Sett checker – This is a fabulous stocking stuffer, if I’ve ever seen one!

Warping paddle – Remember my note about the cone holder and needing help with multi-tasking? Well, this paddle goes hand-in-hand! Anything we can do to dress the loom quicker, but still accurately, is a great idea!!

Weaving books & magazines – This one explains itself, doesn’t it? Here are just a few of my favorite books. Anne Dixon’s A Handweaver’s Directory is my go-to book. I would recommend it to anyone who has been weaving for less than 5 years – it will be SO incredibly helpful! The Key to Weaving, by Mary E. Black is a fabulous textbook, walking you through the wide, wide world of weaving. And lastly, Marguerite Porter Davison’s book titled A Handweaver’s Pattern Book. This one is a little trickier to find! I like the green version, but it appears there is an orange version that’s similar. From what I’ve heard, the images in the orange book aren’t as clear as the green book. But, if you come across a copy of either, it’ll be worth it to add it to the collection!

As for magazines, you can hardly to wrong with Handweaver’s magazine! I also particularly enjoy American Craft, even though it isn’t directly weaving-related.

Yarn bowls – So, here’s the scenario. I’m standing at my warping board and nearing the end of my tube of yarn. The tube jumps out of the random container I’m using and proceeds to go flying across the room and under my bookshelf at warp speed (ha! Pun not intended, just a happy accident). Here’s where a yarn bowl comes to the rescue! Just say “no” to flying tubes of yarn and instead, wrangle it in place with a yarn bowl.

Other Gift Ideas –

Baskets and other Storage – Weavers have stuff. Like, a lot of stuff. It’s the nature of the beast! So, how do you store it and transport it? Why, with a basket or some specialty storage – that’s how! A trio of stacking baskets would be much appreciated, while a bookcase with specialty inserts would make a weaver’s day! (The storage you see behind me in my videos is from IKEA and I absolutely love it!)

Paper Goods – Journals, notebooks, blank/lined/grid paper – it’s all good!! If your weaver is anything like me, you simply can’t go wrong with something to write on! (I’m trying a few designs on RedBubble! Take a peek here to see if you like them.)

Scissors – This one seems so boring, right? But trust me on this – a weaver will ALWAYS need scissors. If you decide to spring for a pair of nice ones (like Fiskars), you’ll have made a friend for life!

AC Insiders –

All through the months of November and December, there will be holiday specials and incentives in the Acton Creative Insiders, hosted by Patreon! If you haven’t had a chance to peek at this fun, educational, inspirational monthly membership, there’s no time like the present!  This link will take you right to the AC Insiders page where you can see more details and register today! See you soon!