Three Interesting Things

Weaving is an intricate and lengthy process. Many of these pieces take upwards of 20 hours to create. The artistry is in the choice of color and materials, rhythm of the pattern, and scale of the design. In the end, unlike a painting or sculpture, this is art that is approachable and tactile.

Acton Creative's custom work includes either handbags or homegoods. If you would like to carry a little bit of dad with you, Acton Creative can transform his neckties into handbags for friends and family. If you have a new dining room table that needs a custom runner, Acton Creative can create a piece in the size, colors and style that you need. Please contact Chris to discuss any custom ideas you have!

Custom work is available upon request.


Custom wallets with family handkerchiefs

Montgomery Runner In House 2

Custom table runner


Custom fabric with men's neckties

DFaxel Christmas Runner 1

Custom holiday table runner