The Messenger Bag has inside dimensions of 10″ x 15″ – large enough for necessities, plus a book or e-reader or whatever you carry with you just in case you have to wait for a train/friend/appointment. The lining is carefully selected to compliment the handwoven fabric and includes 2 pockets for an easy cell phone grab. A hidden magnet keeps the flap down beautifully while a decorative button rounds out the colorful package!

The strap is adjustable and will accommodate everyone from the short girl (I’m 5’3″) to those blessed with some height (my friend Lisa is 6’0″ and has personally tested it!). The strap is made of a very sturdy cotton and can definitely tote whatever weight you are comfortable carrying.

The handwoven material is cotton and wool, creating a rich, colorful appearance that will draw people in just so they can pet it! Because of the fiber in the bag, please dry clean only. The washing machine will do bad things to it – from a shrinkage, as well as a color-bleeding perspective.

All the Acton Creative handbags are handwoven on a 36″ wide manual loom – just like in Ye Olden Days. The process begins with tubes of yarn, carefully chosen per the pattern. Then comes a series of steps to set up the loom including measuring, threading, knotting and winding.

Once the loom is set up, the shuttles are used to weave the fabric. The method used for designing the cloth ensures that no two bags will look alike. Each bag is documented and numbered, similar to a painter numbering her limited prints. I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved creating it!