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So, last week I posted a few photos of the yarn I’ll be using for a new project. This week, I’ve started to wind the warp. The warp refers to the yarns that will be laid into the loom, versus the weft which refers to the yarns used in the shuttle. And for an extra bit of trivia, the weft used to be called the “woof”! (One day, while doing a crossword puzzle, you’ll think of me!)

When you plan a project, you’ll decide the order and length of your warp yarns. The next step is to measure them. To do this, a warping board comes in handy! It’s basically a large frame with pegs sticking out of it. By winding the yarn around the pegs, you can ensure that every one will go into the loom in the right order and at the right size.

For this project, my yarns ended up in 2 distinctively different halves – one with warm-colored yarns (rusts, chocolates) and one with cool-colored yarns (blues, greens). You’ll see the contrast between the yarn groupings below. When everything comes off the warping board, the 2 halves will be combined in the reed and you’ll never notice that they were measured separately!

Next up, “sleying” the reed! And even if you know nothing about weaving, it’s just plain fun to say you are “sleying” anything! In the meantime, enjoy my “warped” photos!

The Warping Board

The 1st Half, Warm-Colored Yarns

Cool-Colored Yarns - The 2nd Half of the Warp

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