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Navigating through abundant weaving information can be overwhelming. Acton Creative Classes offer a solution—choose the perfect class for your goals and start weaving with ease!

Dress Your Loom Digital Course

A simple, straightforward system for getting your yarn off the shelf and into your loom.

The Dress Your Loom Course is a step-by-step, comprehensive look at the front-to-back method of dressing your loom (getting your yarns off the shelf and into your loom). You see, unlike other crafts where the set-up is simple, dressing a loom can feel like a very complicated process. But you absolutely MUST have an understanding of how to dress a loom before you begin making plans to weave all the things. 

Before you ever toss a shuttle, it’s imperative you have a method for dressing a loom, and I have an easy, straightforward one just for you. Delivered in my signature no-fuss style, I will give you all the tools and details you need to confidently dress your loom for any type of project. Once you understand what goes where and what’s important at each stage, you will be unstoppable! Weaving world, look out!

By the end of this program, you will have…

  • An easy system for dressing your loom

  • A clear overview of what is important and why

  • An incredible sense of accomplishment

Reading a Weaving Draft Virtual Class

The Reading a Weaving Draft Class will arm you with all the information you need to interpret any weaving draft & therefore weave ANY pattern!

Are you ready to uplevel your weaving game? Once you understand how to read a weaving draft, the world is your oyster! In this class, I will walk you through the threading, tie-ups, and treadling elements in a clear, concise manner so you know exactly how to translate it into real life weaving patterns. If you are ready to take this next big step on your weaving journey, register today!

By the end of this program, you will have…

  • An understanding of how to interpret a weaving draft

  • The ability to translate any pattern into real life

  • A great sense of independence, knowing you can read & create your own weaving drafts

Weave Your Own Color Gamp

If you’ve ever ended up with “muddy” colors in your handwoven fabric, or have wrecked a perfectly lovely warp with the wrong weft, a color gamp is a perfect tool for you!

A color gamp is a study in which you combine a whole bunch of colors together on your loom. Why is this important, you ask? Well, color in weaving is complicated. Not only do you need to select a set of colors for the warp, but that set of colors will then interact with another set of colors in the weft. This mixing of 2 sets of colors can create magic or mud. A color gamp is a perfect exercise to learn about both options. Ultimately, the more you play with color, the better you’ll become at anticipating colors in your next project. A color gamp is a perfect place to start!

Weave your own color gamp will give you…

  • A deep dive into the world of color gamps

  • A break down of the warp and weft of a color gamp

  • An exact color gamp project plan

  • Valuable color experience

Intro To Kajabi

Acton Creative uses a site called “Kajabi” to host all the weaving classes. Watch our tutorial video to get a tour of how to navigate the platform.

Weekly Weaving Newsletter

The absolutely best thing you can do to help with your weaving journey is to sign up for the Weekly Weaving Newsletter! This online Wednesday publication will keep you posted on that week’s FREE weaving educational content, plus I always toss in a story from me! It’s equal parts education and entertainment, all wrapped up in a short, few-minute read!