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This is a collection of free weaving-related gems all for the taking! Sign up for one or all of them! I just ask for a name and email to receive your gift. Enjoy!

Beginner’s Guide to Weaving Yarn

What makes weaving yarn special? What do the sizing numbers mean? Which yarns are better for the warp or the weft? These are all excellent questions! And I have a thorough resource to help you navigate each and every inquiry. Here is the Beginner’s Guide to Weaving Yarn to the rescue! 

Weaving Equipment Guide

Are you overwhelmed by the world of weaving equipment? Do you have a loom with no idea what goes with it? This is the perfect guide for you!
In the Weaving Equipment Guide, I’ll walk you through a variety of weaving equipment and break it down into what to buy now, versus what to buy later (once you REALLY have the weaving bug!). It’s a great overview of what equipment will help you create beautiful handwoven goodies!

6 Weaving Patterns

This guide is meant as an introduction to six different weaving patterns. There are MANY more. But, this is a place to start. Scroll through these different styles and see which ones call to you. Then, give them a whirl on your loom. Use your favorite color. Add your own personality. Include your own unique interpretation.

I would love to see what you create next.

Dressing The Loom Checklist

Never miss a step again! The “Front-to-Back Dressing the Loom Checklist” is a step-by-step, comprehensive list, walking you through the process of setting up your loom in a front-to-back style. It not only includes a personalized checklist, but also a thorough dictionary of weaving terms to help even the most novice weaver dress their loom with confidence.

Parts of a Loom

Learning your loom as a beginner can feel like climbing a mountain in a land where you don’t understand the language. Which way is up? What’s the difference between a reed and a shaft? What do treadles have to do with heddles? Let me be your Sherpa and make this Everest just a small hill with an in-depth resource: Parts of a Loom.

Weekly Weaving Newsletter

The absolutely best thing you can do to help with your weaving journey is to sign up for the Weekly Weaving Newsletter! This online Wednesday publication will keep you posted on that week’s FREE weaving educational content, plus I always toss in a story from me! It’s equal parts education and entertainment, all wrapped up in a short, few-minute read!