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Weaving Glossary

Welcome to the Weaving Glossary! Weaving is like learning another language. Old, historic terms, and influences from other countries all factor into the world of weaving words.

Looms & Equipment

  • Color Gamp

    A cloth that contains a set of color stripes in the wrap that are crossed by the same set of color strupes in the weft.

  • Floor Loom

    A loom that sits on the floor

  • Loom

    A device that comes in a range of sizes and shapes, it supports the weaving process by holding the warp yarns in place and (depending on the loom) separates the weft yarns in order to create fabric.

  • Table Loom

    A loom that sits on a table.

  • Warping Board

    Typically a wooden rectangular frame with pegs sticking out of it. It is used for measuring the warp yarns of a project.


  • Cotton

    Made from a plant, cotton yarn comes in a variety of sizes and colors. It's sturdiness and texture make it a favorite among weavers for items like towels and more.

  • Wool

    Spun from a variety of animals, wool is wonderful for its warmth and texture.


  • Plain Weave

    The simplest version of weaving, just over/under/over/under (like a potholder).

  • Rep Weave

    A geometric weave pattern with distinctive ridges that solely highlight the warp yarns.

  • Twill Weave

    A weave pattern with a distinctive diagonal element included.

  • Weave Structure

    A weave structure refers to the formula used in creating a pattern in your handwoven fabric.


  • Clearing the Shed

    Moving the beater bar forward and back without placing a new weft yarn, typically done right after forwarding the project.

  • Dressing the Loom

    The process of measuring and organizing the warp yarns in the loom in preparation for weaving.

  • Pick

    One throw of the weft yarn

  • Warp

    The yarns that run through the loom and are under tension.

  • weaving details


    The craft or action of forming fabric by interlacing threads.

  • Weft

    The yarns that run opposite to the warp and are usually in a shuttle.