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So, what is better than weaving? Taking it off the loom! I’ve woven for many hours, I can see the knots on the back of the loom signaling that I’ve run out of yarn, and now it is time to cut the fabric off! I like to start in the middle of the project and work my way out for tension reasons. For this type of project, I typically end up with 13 yards of fabric.

Part of the fun is rolling it all out to see the finished results! For me, there are always unexpected areas that look better or worse than seeing it up close on the loom. And the unknown is definitely part of the joy! Unlike other art forms, you can’t see the entire project as you progress. It’s only after you are completely finished that you can view the whole piece of fabric!

From here, the fabric is delivered to my seamstress who works her magic to transform 13 yards into many gorgeous handbags! In this case, she’ll be creating messenger bags – large bags with a strap that can fit across the body. I can’t wait to see the finished product! I’ll keep you posted…

Cutting the Fabric Off

Almost Free!

The Blue/Green Phase

The Red/Orange/Yellow Phase

It's a good spot!

Close Up

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