Bags for everyone!

Bags for everyone!

So, the handwoven fabric has been delivered over to my seamstress to work her magic! Typically, the 13 yards will produce about 26 Messenger bags. They are big enough to fit a 8-1/2″ x 11″ notebook, plus lots of other junk! (Believe me, I can cram in everything but the kitchen sink!) Even though I’ve spent hours weaving the fabric, it’s still an amazing surprise to see the finished product, ready to wear! Enjoy!

Messenger Bag

An inside shot

A little earthy

Feeling blue?

Sometimes, the button makes the bag!

Everywhere a bag, bag...

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Chris Acton is the President, Chief Weaver, and Jack-of-all-Trades for Acton Creative, based in NW Indiana. When she isn't weaving away, you can find her absorbed in a book while slurping gallons of hot tea.

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