Something old, something new

The next project on the docket is fabric for clutch handbags. I just began creating these last fall and they have been great fun! Instead of using all yarn for the fabric, I am doing a little recycling by using neck ties! Because who really wears ties anymore? Only for special occasions, right? This is good news for me because the resale shops are stocked! It’s been very easy to get my hands on a huge quantity at very little cost.

I’m including a few photos so you can see the finished product. Part of the beauty of the fabric is that at a glance, you can’t tell that neckties are involved. It’s only on closer inspection that you can see strips of the classic red power tie or the all-purpose navy w/diagonal stripe woven into the fabric. Next up, you can see the process unfold from neckties and cotton yarn, to snazzy, going-out clutch!

Close-Up of Clutch

A Gaggle of Clutches?

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