As I mentioned last post, next up is a project using neckties in my woven fabric instead of yarn. Once the fabric is completed, it will be happily transformed into clutch purses!

I used a combination of black and grey carpet warp on the warping board. Carpet warp (or rug warp) is a cotton yarn that comes in a huge variety of colors and becomes the basis for most of my projects. I love it!

To start, I did the math to figure the length and width of the warp (the warp is the yarns that will be in the loom versus the weft which is the yarns in the shuttle). Next step, wind everything onto the warping board in order. When you check out the photos below, you’ll see the “cross”. The cross is a way to keep everything in order on the board and off.

This part of the process can be very meditative (as long as everything is going well, of course!) The warping board is about 3′ x 3′ and winding back and forth, from top to bottom, over and over again, can provide quality time to ponder life, for sure! After this, I’ll be sleying – my favorite!

Warping Board (pardon the mess!)

Starting From the Top

The Infamous "Cross"

Round & Round They Go!