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And now, after hours of working with my very serious black and gray warp yarns, it’s time to start weaving in some color! The plan is to weave the fabric using a combination of neckties and cotton yarn (the cotton yarn will be used simply as a reinforcement, not as a design element). Next up, prepping ties!

I don’t know if you’ve ever ripped open a tie before, but it has a soft cushioned filler inside to give it body. So, the first order of the day is to pull this out. I call this part of the process “filleting” the tie – like a fish! Slice it open and take out the guts (not that I mean for that to sound happily violent, but destruction can be a very fun part of creation)!

There is a piece of fabric that lines each necktie tip that gets cut out next, followed by a good ironing to lay it flat. And what you should appreciate here is that I never iron anything! I will good to great lengths to avoid ironing anything in my wardrobe. But, I’ll happily whip out the ironing board for a project – go figure!

Next, I cut it into strips that will be woven into the fabric. And while the strips don’t need to be exactly straight, it is easier if the strips are a similar width so the fabric looks fairly consistent. I like to give the flattened tie a few folds and cut from there. And then, repeat the process a million times! Maybe not quite a million, but many, many times. As you can imagine, this is a great filler while watching Big Bang Theory. Or better yet, a Big Bang Theory marathon! Once I have enough strips, I’m ready to weave!

And bring in the Neckties!

Filleting the Tie

The Shell of the Tie

Slicing the Tie

Red Ties are Ready!

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