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So, the fabric is being woven and an army of red ties have started the process! Next up, adding some other colors. Not surprisingly, red ties are the easiest to find. But, some of the other colors pack a really nice punch against the black/gray yarns in the loom!

I like to raid my local resale shops for neckties. And I’ve found that normally, there is no shortage! Because so many workplaces are business casual, wearing a tie to work has become less common. This is good news for me! Lots to choose from!

My first project ever incorporating ties was for an exhibit piece with the title “A Woman’s Wardrobe”. I used the ties to create fabric for a skirt. It was a little ironic gender piece – woman’s skirt/man’s ties. Anyways, at that point, I simply cut up a tie and wove it into the fabric one at a time. So, you could see blocks of specific ties – for example, you could easily identify 2 inches of Dad’s navy & orange striped tie next to Al’s purple paisley tie.

What I’ve found by playing with the process is I prefer to blend the various ties together creating a softer effect. I love the way colors can roll from one to another! And the patterns on the ties provide a greater challenge because they aren’t solid colors. It’s great fun to pick out which patterns will compliment each other! I have some photos below so you can see the end result!


Profile Shot!

Yellows & Blues

Grays & Greens

Mostly Browns

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