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The ties have all been woven in and I can see the knots at the back of the loom meaning I’ve run out of yarn! Time to cut it off the loom!

One of the considerations taken into account when planning a weaving project is that there is always waste. There is a dead zone in the middle of the loom where it’s impossible to use all the yarn. So, those inches become built into the project as waste. I have no doubt that someone has developed a way to squeeze out every last inch. But for me, I’m too excited taking it off to worry about it!

A few snips, a few knots and voila – the fabric’s off! At this point, I like to unroll it and pick out my favorite parts. The amazing thing about weaving is that you can’t see the entire project until you are completely finished! While it’s on the loom, you can only see about 18″ at a time. So, being able to view the entire bolt of fabric is quite a rush! This particular project took longer than anticipated, making the grand unveiling all the sweeter!

From here, the woven fabric makes a trip to my seamstress where she works her sewing magic, transforming the fabric into fabulous clutch purses! Soon, very soon…

Cutting the Fabric Off

The End is Near!

For the Grand Finale…

Just Yum!

The Warm, Sunny Section!

Feeling Blue?

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