I have been very lucky to be a part of a number of different custom projects over the last few years. Each one is a fabulous opportunity to stretch my creativity!

Recently, I met a wonderful woman (we’ll call her JM) who was interested in the clutch purses made from ties. But, she wanted a much more personal spin on it. JM’s father had passed away, leaving some of his ties with her! So, the concept was to create bags made from her Dad’s ties. She gave me 2 ties and I filled in the rest.

As part of the equation, she was also looking for a smaller size than the clutch – more of a change purse size. After a few design changes and lots of math, the project was ready to go! And I was so happy with the end results! They are the cutest bags you’ve ever seen! (That’s probably an exaggeration! But, they are very fun!)

It was a classic case of a great project paired with great people – what every artist hopes for! You can see the highlights of the journey below…

Love the Ties!

I’m Weaving!

The Finished Gem!

Is it a “Gaggle” of Change Purses?