Time for a new project, don’t you think? I’ve been creating woven handbags for a few years and each time I tackle the design portion of the process I try to throw in something new/different/challenging – mostly to keep my interest! (It’s a long process, after all!)

Sample of Mini Bag

This time around, I want to create fabric that will be used for a smaller sized bags. So, I’ll be considering the scale of the pattern in relation to the finished size. Also, instead of my usual wash of color, I want some dramatic black to break it up. And lastly, I want to add a bit of spontaneity to the process.

Weavers tend to be a little more left-brained than other artists. I am certainly no exception – which means that the planning part is wildly fun for me and having a “let the chips fall where they may” attitude is a challenge! So, when I say I want to add a little spontaneity, that’s a big deal! I’ll be sure to point out my spontaneous bits, since they may not seem obvious to my right-brained friends!

So to start, I begin pulling out yarn – 5 different groups of colors. I like using a cotton yarn called carpet warp or rug warp. It comes in a million colors and is very easy to work with!

Bird’s Eye View of the Project

My plan is to wind on a bit of black and then mix all the greens together, a bit of black and then the reds will go crazy, etc.! Next step in the process is to wind the yarn onto the warping board. But for now, the goal is to enjoy a flurry of fabulous yarn!

Will the real “purple” please stand?

Red – Party of Five…