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The loom’s ready – woo hoo! I’ve included a couple pictures of the loom to get an idea of what I’m working with! A great part of the weaving magic is watching the process of transforming yarn from the back of the loom, into fabric on the front!

Bird’s eye view of the loom

Profile shot

Next up, I need to select what yarns to use in the shuttle. I tend to clear out the shelves of yarn to start the process. Almost everything in the pool, if you will! My one stipulation for this project was nothing too warm (color-speaking). So, no bright orange this time around!

Just a few of our lovely contestants!

Sometime, a few projects back, I discovered that instead of using 1 yarn at a time in the shuttle, I can combine groupings of yarns. This opened up a whole new world for me, since the size of the yarn no longer mattered! I can incorporate very fine yarns with beefier yarns and your eye blends them together beautifully! So as I pull out possible options, there are lots of choices!

It’s a sea of yarn!

As I’m working, I have all my friendly cones situated right next to my loom. So, it can be quite a challenge climbing my way through the yarn to get to my bench! To start the weaving process, I use toilet paper as filler for the first 5 rows or so. This spaces everything out evenly.

Another use for cheap TP!

Because I like to use multiple yarns together, I find it easier to use a big rag shuttle. It’s not as quick to wind, but the yarn comes off more evenly. There will be much more weaving to come, I promise!

Let’s get it started!

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