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It’s another good day weaving! Then again, every day weaving is a good one! (I’m sure that mantra only works for a very small percentage of the population. But, it works for me!) My cheap TP has been woven in to act as a header for the fabric. And once the yarns even out, it’s time to throw the shuttle with the real deal!

From the top!

So for this fabric, I want to continue the black-spacing theme that I set up in the warp. The idea is I want to create fabric with blocks of color separated by black yarn. The tricky part is that I don’t want it to look plaid. Now, once the fabric is cut up into small bags, it won’t be as big a concern. But, at least you can appreciate the goal!

A pinch of black

As I mentioned previously, I like to use a big rag shuttle for these types of projects. So, I grabbed a few photos with the shuttle running through the yarn. In weaving, when there are some yarns up and some yarns down, the tunnel created is called the shed space. Hopefully, the pictures help explain it!

Side shot of the shed space

The shuttle’s working its magic!

In some weaving projects, it is mandatory that you plan every move from start to finish. For this type of project, I try to be a bit more intuitive. So, the blocks of colors aren’t always the same size, the yarn groupings in the shuttle aren’t always consistent and the tightness of the fabric will vary. But again, this will all be cut up into pieces, so no worries! A little chaos is good for me!

(Speaking of chaos – I’m including a bird’s eye view of the space around my loom mid-project! Just so you can appreciate the “artistic process”!)

To be a fly on the ceiling…

There will be more weaving, I promise! After you’ve patiently read all the entries leading up to this, you deserve more lovely weaving photos! The project is nearly finished! Hang in there…

It’s a dark, yummy spot!

Sort of candy cane-ish!

Green & Blue, anyone?

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