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And the weaving continues! There is something mystical about creating fabric. It makes me think of the Rumplestiltskin story with the spinning straw into gold! I’m not comparing my work to gold – promise! It is just that while weaving is a step by step, logical process, there is a definite magic to it! And any weaver can attest to the creative high you feel when you are throwing your shuttle and fabric begins to appear!

And so it goes!

(By the way, the title is for all my friends who lived through the 80’s! Ric and the Cars knew what they were doing!)

A dash of red!

So, hours and hours have passed and the I have run out of yarn! I can see the knots on the back!

Happiness is seeing the knots!

Time to cut it off! I like to start in the middle for tension reasons. I don’t know that you have to. But, I always have!

Cutting it off

When the yarns are all cut and knotted off, I unroll the fabric. Keep in mind, I’ve been using yardsticks on the front, too! (They keep my edges a little straighter.) So, with a good spin, it all dumps out in a fabulous pile!

Unrolling the front

Next up, the big unveiling! When I’m weaving, I can only see about 12-18 inches at a time and then it gets rolled up. So, there is always a drum roll as I unroll the entire bolt of fabric down the hallway!


The finished dimension of this bolt is 36″ wide x 6-1/2 yards long, which should produce plenty of 6″ x 6″ Mini Bags! When it’s all laid out flat, I love taking my camera and capturing a few really good bites!


Love me some green!

Next up, the bolt will go to my wonderful, awesome, fabulous seamstress! She will do her thing and transform this into gorgeous little bags! I’ll be sure to give you a sneak peak when they are finished! The next project will a custom runner! Should be a nice change of pace!

Ready to go!

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