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It’s time for something new – yay! Because weaving is a lengthy process, there is always a party at the beginning of a new project. While I haven’t been in the weaving business very long, I am blessed with some very loyal customers. One in particular has recently asked me to create a Christmas table runner for her. She and I worked together previously on an everyday runner for her dining room that was a great project for me! A lot of twill, twisted fringe, a pale green mixed in with other pastels – gorgeous!

So, I want to create something a little different this time! She has decided on the basic, traditional Christmas colors.

Some holiday colors!

And as I was pondering what pattern to use, I found a fun Overshot pattern with a star design. It made me think of the Star of Bethlehem – appropriate, right? (This is from Anne Dixon’s The Handweaver’s Pattern Directory. If you are a weaver and don’t own this, hop online and order right now!… or after you finish reading this. You will love it!)

Ah, pretty Overshot!

I drew a few sketches to help narrow down the overall style of the runner and she picked the one she liked.

#3 is a winner!

The scene is set! I have my size, colors, and pattern ready to go! Next up, a date with the warping board!

The infamous Warping Board

The warping board is a tool used to measure out the yarns that will go into the loom, called the warp (go figure!). I have worked out all the measurements beforehand and I know how long each warp yarn needs to be. So now, all I need to do is wind it on, in order!

The critical 1st peg!

Around the bend…

There are two pegs at the top that support “the cross”. The cross is a method of keeping everything in order, once the yarn comes off the warping board.

Keeping the cross

Nearly finished!

I’m almost there! Next up, I’ll take everything off the board and begin sleying the reed! I can’t wait!

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