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So, the fabric is all woven! Next step, cutting it off the loom!

Cutting it off! (Bird’s eye view)

Snip, snip..

Hanging on by a thread…

I like to start in the middle and work my way out. I don’t know that it makes a huge difference. But, I figure the gentler I can be in releasing the tension, the better!

Unrolling the fabric

The amazing thing about working on the loom is that at any given time, I can only see about 12 inches of fabric. So, it isn’t until the fabric comes off the loom and is unrolled that I can view the whole project. It’s always a little like Christmas!

Little orange, little red…

See the additional yarns?

In the photo above, you get a good view of the extra yarns unevenly smashed into the mix. I particularly like the additional, overlaid pattern on the fabric. Once we cut it into bags, it may not be quite as prominent. But, it was worth the extra work just the same!

Happiness is…

More brown, please…

Brown is really how the whole project started! All the components included in the project were chosen to blend with my brown suiting material that will act as the lining in the handbags.

Just a sea of yumminess..

Layers and layers of color

I love the fact that the fabric can look completely different, even though the structural yarns are all the same! Eventually, this bolt of fabric will be cut into handbags. And because I’m on a sort of delay, I’ll have Mini bags to show you next time from the black framed fabric I previously wove! Sounds confusing, I know! It will all be explained in due time…


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