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So, take a quick walk back in time with me… Remember this?

Fabric’s ready!

This bolt of fabric was handed over to my seamstress, who then magically transformed it into over 40 Mini Bags! To give you an idea of scale, a Mini Bag is about 6″x6″ with a long, adjustable strap.

Mini Bags!

More bags…

I love that the bags all look so different! And truth be told, even if I wanted to reproduce them, it would be practically impossible!

Profile shot…

And the lining is a great suiting material! It’s a gray and black check, with a touch of red. Yum!

A view of the inside

Love the lining!

And of course, there must be group shots! When I label the bags, each one get’s its own number to indicate that it is the only one!

Where 1 is good, more is better!

Mountains of bags…

Close-up, anyone?

Next up on the loom is a coverlet project! Should be great fun! Stay tuned…

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