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The fabric’s woven and off the loom! Yay! Time for a few pictures, don’t you think? Enjoy!

Coverlet Fabric 1

All 12 squares in a row!

All 12 squares in a row!

Because my memory is about 2 seconds long, I tagged each square as I finished them. Wouldn’t want to return the wrong square to the wrong weaver!

Eloise's square!

Eloise’s square!

Happiness is...

Happiness is…

Coverlet Fabric 6

What is better than a close-up?

What is better than a close-up?

The weavers involved in the coverlet project will be swapping squares mid-February. So, I’ll be sure to show you what I receive from the other weavers! It’ll be wonderful!

A sea of overshot!

A sea of overshot!

Coverlet Fabric 10

Next up is a little tie fabric for some handbags! Talk to you soon…

Coverlet Fabric 11

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