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See, the thing about weaving is that it’s a bit of a commitment. You spend many, many hours setting up a project. So, when said project seems to be taking a REALLY long time to finish, you are left with 2 daunting options:

More blues!

More blues!

A. You can take a big breath and keep weaving. OR,

B. You can take a big breath, go out with your friends, completely ignore your loom, (in my case, get bronchitis for a week), and eventually, sit your hiney down and keep weaving.

Moving to the dark side...

Moving to the dark side…

In very rare occasions, you cut off the project (*gasp!*) and carry on. But, in 90% of the instances, you change your approach, change your colors, change your pattern and make something of it!

I'll trim the ends when it's done!

I’ll trim the ends when it’s done!

I mention all of this because the current project has taken up residence on my loom for much longer than anticipated and I’m ready to be done! Every had those projects? Turns out, I like where the fabric is going and it will be transformed into wonderful handbags when it’s finished! But, in the meantime, I’ll be over here. Weaving. And then more weaving. And… then… a little more weaving… it’s good thing I like it… most days…

Both shuttles at the ready

Both shuttles at the ready

The goal is to proudly present you with the finished fabric sooner, rather than later. So, if you have little weaving elves at your house, could you send them over?

The woven landscape...

The woven landscape…

It’s sort of turning into a Nemo moment, isn’t it? “Just keep weaving, just keep weaving…”

Little color gradation for ya!

Little color gradation for ya!

I promise you won’t come back next week and find a blog about mountain climbing! It’s not that bad. And I’m afraid of heights. So, I’ll still be chatting about weaving. Lots of beautiful weaving! (Let’s move those scissors farther out of the way, just in case.)

How about a little yellow?

How about a little yellow?

So, here’s to a fabulously productive week! May the weaving gods be with us all! I’ll be in a better place next time… promise! Talk to you soon…

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