Second verse, same as the first…

Hello, and welcome to this week’s edition of “Weaving Rocks”! When last we parted, I had just started weaving with some brown yarns. The project on the loom will eventually be used for handbags – the size and style is yet to be determined! (This is me being wild and crazy and spontaneous… It’s true, I have control issues…)

It's an end, posing over the fabric!

It’s an end, posing over the fabric!

Because this will be cut into pieces and sewn together, the ends can just lay around. Normally, I would hand weave the ends back into the fabric for the finished piece. For this sort of thing, it’s not necessary!

Using multiple yarns together!

Using multiple yarns together!

Just, yum...

Just, yum…

Weaving certainly isn’t the cheapest art form. But thankfully, once you acquire your equipment (and you can buy great used equipment!), you shouldn’t need to replace anything. For instance, I currently own about 5 different shuttles. Unless I get into a really unique type of weaving, I should be able to get by with using those same shuttles forever! Then, it’s just a matter of setting the yarn budget!

The rag shuttle's doing it's job!

The rag shuttle’s doing it’s job!

A little closer...

A little closer…

Slowly, I’m transitioning into lighter colors on the loom. Leaving behind the chocolates and heading into the tans. (Every time I mention “chocolate”, my mouth waters just a little bit! Kind of a Pavlovian thing…)

Lightening up a bit!

Lightening up a bit!

Dear yarn, You will become fantastic fabric shortly.

Dear yarn, You will become fantastic fabric shortly.

It’s always satisfying to see the empty cones and tubes while working through a project! In many cases, I’ll start with a pound of yarn. Do you know how long it might take to use an entire pound of fine, wool yarn? Much longer than you’d think! And depending upon the color, could be painfully long! Like, bequeath-it-to-my-family long!

A view through the loom

A view through the loom

The picture above is a great perspective starting with the fabric in the foreground. Watching the yarn move straight through the reed and the heddles. And finally, seeing the yarn wrap over the back! It sort of simplifies the millions of steps into a single goal!

Living on the edge...

Living on the edge…

Ah, sweet progress...

Ah, sweet progress…

You never really know how a project is going to look! The need to lay out every detail is always pressing. Consequently, there are many hours spent in the planning phase. But, in the end, it’s completely magical how it comes together – whether it’s according to the plan, or not!

Caught in between...

Caught in between…

And lighter still...

And lighter still…

I believe I see some lovely cream-colored yarns on the horizon! Are you excited? Me too! Have a good one and I’ll talk to you soon…

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2 thoughts on “Second verse, same as the first…

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    Another GREAT post, Chris! I so enjoy your descriptions and really wonderful photos. Every one of your projects MUST know they’re loved, from all the close attention you give them. We’re on the same page here.


      Wishing you peace, love, light, and the joy living of an Inspired life!


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