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When I do weaving demonstrations, I often refer to the classic potholders we made as kids. Or, I should clarify, adults over the age of 30, made as children. It makes me sad that most kids have no idea what I’m talking about. I still have my beloved, red, plastic loom with some disintegrating cotton loops… ah, the good ‘ole days…

So, I’m weaving and the project is slowly unfurling. Enjoy a few snapshots of the weaving magic!

MyTy Weaving 20

MyTy Weaving 21

MyTy Weaving 22

MyTy Weaving 23

MyTy Weaving 24

MyTy Weaving 25

MyTy Weaving 26

MyTy Weaving 28

MyTy Weaving 29

Next up, more weaving!!! I know you’re excited! Stay tuned…

MyTy Weaving 30

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