Giving LOTS of Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Coincidentally enough, today is not only Thanksgiving, but also my 100th post! Yay! That’s some excellent timing, isn’t it? I thought I’d include clips from some of my favorite projects, with a few notes a gratitude thrown in!

Yarn soup!

Yarn soup!

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by my page to check it out! Special Thanks to Sonja Milojevic with Art from my Soul, who leaves a wonderful comment with nearly every post!

A little recycled necktie fabric!

A little recycled necktie fabric!

Thank you to Danielle who always talks me down when technology freaks me out – which is more often than I care to admit!

It's a good bite!

It’s a good bite!

Thank you to Chris who gave me the best advice when I was thinking about starting a blog – “you don’t have to do it often, but do it consistently”! She’s so wise…

A tie sneaking out of the fabric...

A tie sneaking out of the fabric…

Thank you to Laura who helps me overcome my perfectionist tendencies on a regular basis, and encourages me to just do it!

Messenger Bags

Messenger Bags

Thank you to my friends and family who support me and love me, no matter what hair-brained idea I decide to follow!

Keeping the width

Keeping the width

And here’s to another 100! Considering I do one per week, we’ll plan to party in 2015 – schedule it into your calendar! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Talk to you soon…

Run 10 Weaving 69

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