Weaving’s not just black and white…

And the weaving goes on!

A whole mess of yarns!

A whole mess of yarns!

Part of the beauty of weaving is that there are certain requirements – you must have tension on the yarns in the loom, you must put on extra inches on the project to allow for loom waste, etc. But after you get past the few rules, there are so many variables you can play with! Materials you weave with, spacing of the yarns, types of patterns – the world is your oyster! It’s just the right combination of restriction and freedom for me! I have no doubt that other artists describe their mediums in the same manner!

Lovely color blending!

Lovely color blending!

Inch by inch!

Inch by inch!

I’m always fascinated by the magic that happens when you blend the yarns in the shuttle with the yarns in the loom! Even after years of trying different combinations, I’m still happily surprised by the fabric that’s created when the two merge!

Some of the players...

Some of the players…

More green, please!

More green, please!

And if you know nothing about me, you know that I incorporate green and brown as much as possible! Love the earth tones!

The fabric's winding around!

The fabric’s winding around!

Maybe some browns in the mix!

Maybe some browns in the mix!

The end is in sight! How do you know, you ask? Well, these cute little knots come rolling around the back and pretty soon, there isn’t enough space left to throw the shuttle! It’s a physics thing, really! If shuttle “A” no longer fits through yarns “B & C”, you are done weaving!

You know you're done when...

You know you’re done when…

I’m ready to free the fabric! It’s going to be cool to see if off the loom, remembering what the beginning of the project looked like compared to the end! Stay tuned for all the excitement…

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