Weavin’ on a jet plane…

I seem to be on musical kick lately… and p.s., they don’t really encourage weaving on planes… something about dangerous, pointy-ended shuttles… And let’s get on with it, shall we?

We're getting into the groove now!

We’re getting into the groove now!

The weaving has started and we are having a grand ‘ole time! I began the project with lots of dark blues. At this point, I’m starting to slowly morph the weft yarns (yarns in the shuttle) into some lighter, brighter shades of blue!

Lots of yarns all coming together!

Lots of yarns all coming together!

Shuttle's loaded!

Shuttle’s loaded!

I like to use a rag shuttle for the weft yarns in this type of project. But, I’ll be the first to admit, I tend to overload it. I get so excited about the yarns coming together that I don’t always realize that I’ve put so much onto the shuttle that it will be tricky to slide through the project. It’s a minor offense in the scheme of things. Kind of like when you’re loading up your plate at the buffet and have no real concept when to stop. It’s like that!

Rolling the fabric on!

Rolling the fabric on!

Accent color, please!

Accent color, please!

In the boat shuttle (above), I have a lovely accent color that makes an appearance every 6 inches or so. Juggling (2) shuttles can be quite exciting, let me tell you! And once you add more than that, it’s insanity! Trying to keep them from sliding off the fabric, making sure you are throwing the correct one, keeping the edges of the fabric nice – it’s pure chaos is what that is! If you are a glutton for punishment, it’ll be just the thing!

Including some teals

Slowly changing colors!

Back & forth, back & forth

Back & forth, back & forth

You know how we tend to be creatures of habit? Well, I am certainly no different from anyone else in that regard (more so, some would argue). So when it comes to purchasing yarns, I have definite go-to’s that I love! But, occasionally you need to mix it up! See the yarn with cute, little loops in it? Not my sort of yarn on a regular day. But, I purchased an entire bag of random stuff at some point and it was floating around in there! And it looks so nice in my project! Adds a little extra texture to the fabric and everything! It pays to step your toe outside the comfort zone once in awhile! And that, kids, is your deep thought for the day…

REALLY close up!

REALLY close up!

Coming around the bend!

Coming around the bend!

Time for some brighter yarns, thank you very much! I love the direction this is headed! It’s awesome when the weaving gods are smiling on you! Talk to you soon…

Run 12 Weaving 31

2 thoughts on “Weavin’ on a jet plane…

  1. <> The first time I went (as a child) to a smorgasbord with my parents, I started filling up my plate with something from everything. Halfway through the line my plate was already FULL, and I said to my mother, “The plates are too small.” Embarrassed, she replied, “Elizabeth, go sit down.” I love the little loops in this weft! They’ll give the bags a lovely, softer texture than strictly tailored. Your descriptions are SO enjoyable, Chris! See you at the luncheon. Lizz

      Wishing you peace, love, light, and the joy living of an Inspired life!

    • What a great story! I love it! It just means that you love some variety in your life – nothing wrong with that! I’m glad you like the loops! Me, too! chris

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