Spun gold

We’re in the home stretch! The gold fabric’s coming off the loom today!

All bet's are off!

All bet’s are off!

I can't wait until it's off the loom!

I can’t wait until it’s off the loom!

The rag shuttle has a whole mess of colors in it! I’ve thrown in some purple, magenta, bright orange – you name it, it’s probably in there! Have we discussed pointillism and weaving yet? I love pointillism! The technique (as used in painting) includes using limited colors (usually in a dotted format), planning for the eye to blend them together. For instance, if you place one red dot and one yellow dot close together, from a distance it will read as orange. Instead of dots, I’m using yarn! At a glance, you won’t see all the crazy colors in the fabric. It’s only when you move close that you can pick out the whole array of colors! Thank you, Mr. Seurat, for throwing down some dots and creating beautiful art!



It's an explosion of colored happiness!

It’s an explosion of colored happiness!

Lo and behold, the knots have arrived! I try to eke out every last inch of the project before I cut it off the loom.

Are those knots I see?

Are those knots I see?

Here come the scissors!!

Here come the scissors!!

When I begin cutting the project off the loom, I typically start in the middle and cut the yarn close to the knots in the back. Then, once the knot at the fabric is in place, I’ll shorten the tail. Really, all it takes is one time cutting the yarn too short to knot, and you learn quickly to give yourself plenty of inches!

Unrolling is so fun!!!

Unrolling is so fun!!!

Free at last!!!

Free at last!!!

It’s been awhile since the project began. So, I always enjoy unwinding it to see what the very beginning looks like!



Love seeing the variations!

Love seeing the variations!

What is better than brand new fabric? Not much, my friends… not much! This concludes the gold project! None too soon I say – my “gold” titles were growing weak! Up next will be something… (Don’t you hate it when you can’t decide?) I’ll get on the ball before next week – promise! Talk to you soon…

Run 13 Fabric 3


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