Zen weaving…

Over the years, I’ve had a number of folks watch me weave and comment on how meditative it must be. My response is usually, “Yes, it’s very zen… until I mess up!” That’s sort of how life is, right? It’s going along swimmingly, until it isn’t. And that’s your weaving philosophy for the day!

Here we are, in a sea of cream!

Here we are, in a sea of cream!

Moving right along!

Moving right along!

We are coming down the final stretch for the project, which is great news! I’ve found over the years that sometimes shorter projects are better. So, I have it spaced such that about the time I’m ready for something new, the knots come around the bend! It’s wonderful when things work out that way!

Let's dust in a little brown...

Let’s dust in a little brown…

See the necktie making an appearance?

See the necktie making an appearance?

I love some of the warm, caramel colors in this section of the fabric! Reminds me of baked chocolate cookies – homemade, of course! (Mind you, not baked by me, but by my brilliant sister and Ma – who can completely rock some homemade cookies!)

In a caramel haze!

In a caramel haze!

And what do we have here? The knots have stealthily worked their way up to the mid-section of the loom! I have no more space for weaving – meaning it’s time to pull out the scissors!

We're at the knots! Woohoo!

We’re at the knots! Woohoo!

Start snippin'!

Start snippin’!

I like to start in the middle of the project, cutting close to the knots in the back. Then, I shorten up the tails once I’ve made a knot at the fabric. Snip, knot and repeat until the fabric is free of the loom!

Working my way out from the middle.

Working my way out from the middle.

Release the fabric!

Release the fabric!

Ahhhh… the fabric is almost completely off the loom! Next up, I’ll release the knots from the front and lay it out to see what we have! (I always forget how the project started by the time it’s done. So, it’ll be fun to check it out!) Talk to you soon…

Run 14 Weaving 76


6 thoughts on “Zen weaving…

  1. I’m with you on the Zen reference, Chris! Right on! Congrats on bring yet another gorgeous project to the “knots round the bend” and cut off time.See you tomorrow!Lizz Wishing you peace, love, light, and the joy of living of an Inspired life!

  2. This whole web site is meditative. I think you’ve found a secret here…. I can picture the weavers in ancient times just peacefully working along while the rest of the world rushed by on their way to…. wherever. Peace to you this wonderful season, friend! And thanks for this web site… ahhhh….. -Lynn

    • Hello, Miss Lynn! How lovely to hear from you! Thank you for the colorful comment! You have a great way with words! I hope you have an excellent 2015, my dear! chris

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