It's a democracy… mostly

It's a democracy… mostly

Before each art fair, I have certain rituals I go through – check the money, charge the credit card reader, pack water/snacks, and last but not least, set up the demonstration loom. A few years back, I thought, “Why not let the FB fans choose the colors of my project?” Since then, each Tuesday before a show, I post yarn combinations and let people vote! It’s always entertaining to see the results! Typically, the crowd leans towards brighter colors, purple nearly ALWAYS wins, and my sweet friends Lisa & Pam cancel each other out. 

My rule of thumb is to propose 2 options that I like, so it doesn’t matter which one wins. Seems very logical, doesn’t it? Well, last week was the first time I seriously considered throwing the vote! Blue was the common color between the pair of fiber foursomes. (See the choices below.) Yet, one was distinctly spring-ier colors and the other one screamed fall! Warm, dark, earthy – all my favorites! And I’m counting on the crowd to be in the mood for sweater weather and vote the same direction I’m leaning! 

As the votes begin trickling in, nearly all of them are for spring (you should know that when I say, “nearly all”,  that’s about 5…) For the first time ever, I start strategizing how I can sway the vote! Not very diplomatic of me, I know! But, I talked myself off the ledge and decided to wait. Sure enough, by the end of the day, the crowd had planted themselves firmly in the fall camp (and by “crowd”, I mean 8…). Whew! Big sigh of relief. And after all the drama, a beautiful piece of fabric was born! (Not that I couldn’t have woven something cool with the other colors! I just wasn’t feeling it… we’ll call it an artist’s prerogative…) 

Which brings me to this week! Of which I have NO idea… better think of something soon…

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