The birth of a project 

The birth of a project 

Here are the steps I go through to set up the loom before each event!

These were the winning colors!

Measured the yarns on the warping board.

The lovely warp – ready to go!

Sleyed the reed!


Threaded the heddles.


Tied the yarns on to the back of the loom. 


Started winding the yarns through the loom. 


Tied the yarns to the back.


Put a few spacers in place (toilet paper) and it’s ready to go!!! 

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Chris Acton is the President, Chief Weaver, and Jack-of-all-Trades for Acton Creative, based in NW Indiana. When she isn't weaving away, you can find her absorbed in a book while slurping gallons of hot tea.

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  1. Lizz October 7, 2016 at 3:41 pm - Reply

    Gorgeous colors! Your steps and photos make it look so easy.

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