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Doing an outdoor art fair is hard work… well, that’s not exactly right. Doing an outdoor art fair is the most exhausting, challenging, exhilarating, taxing experience you’ve ever had! So, after 6 months of craziness, it is time to put the tent to bed (or, in the garage in this case). And here are some of my personal signs that I’m done –

– My feet seem to have adopted permanent tan lines from my Chaco sandals. They might fade by next May? 

– The bungee cords holding the weights to my tent have stretched out to the point that they look like over-stuffed sausages. 

– After my last event, I discovered an inch rip in the butt of my lucky Lucy pants. Thankfully, I had been wearing a long cardigan so I didn’t over-share with the world! (There’s no photo for this one, for obvious reasons!)

– I have finally figured out the best spot in my car for the dolly. Getting everything I need into a little hatchback is a crazy puzzle. And for the most part, I have it down to a science! Except the dolly. So of course, at the very last moment, it all comes together – just in time for me to change it next year… 

– My demonstration loom finally snapped. I got my loom used about 5 years ago and I’ve noticed the cords at the top have started to fray. The entire season I’ve kept replacement cord at the ready & haven’t needed it… until last Sunday! 

So with all these signs, I am calling it – the 2016 outdoor art fair season is over!!! Until next year…

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