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I am currently wedged firmly in between the end of outdoor art fair season and the start of the short, but frantic holiday season. So as you can imagine, it’s quiet… and I’m not exactly sure what to do with that! Every time management book I read talks about how to get the most out of every minute of every day. And while that might be a very productive use of my time, I’ll be honest – I’m having an awesome week just sleeping in! I find it hard to transition from the continuously reactive I-have-an-event-every-weekend mindset to the calmer I-have-no-plans-and-could-actually-begin-a-project version.

So, in the spirit of chilling at home for a couple weeks, I am working on a small bolt of custom fabric. An acquaintance of mine brought me a box of neckties from her late husband and she has asked that I use them to create woven fabric that we will sew into handbags for her family! I love these types of projects, where I’ve been given something personal and then have the challenge of transforming it into something new to be cherished and enjoyed!

And while I could be making an enormous to-do list and vigorously checking things off, I have to admit I’ve been thrilled to spend hours simply cutting up a big pile of ties, prepping them for a project I’ll get into this weekend… probably…

What are your tricks when changing the pace in your life? Thanks for the tips! I’ll have many opportunities to incorporate them for sure!



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