Happy 2017!

Happy 2017!

Happy New Year, everyone! The holidays are such an odd time of year, aren’t they? It’s awesome to have time off, visit friends/family, and eat so much food that every day demands elastic waistbands! But I always get a bit out of sorts during it all! I’m on an irregular schedule, up close & personal with people I only see occasionally, and while my taste buds are happy, my tummy is crying for a vat of Tums! 

So, I’m excited to get back into the swing of things! I’m giving serious thought to my goals for 2017 and how best to execute them. I have a quiet weekend ahead with just me, the dog and my loom. And don’t forget the daily yogurts, roasted vegetables and fresh Florida fruit! As subdued and boring as that sounds, I’m all in! Thank god for plain ‘ole, regular days! I’m ready for at least a month of them! 

How is your 2017 going so far?

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