Owning your own business is lot more than simply weaving all day, creating cool stuff! There are lots of business-y minutiae that need to be done on a weekly or yearly basis. On that list is taking inventory. I usually knock it out at the start of a new year & today’s the day! Counting up what is actually left after a busy year is a satisfying task – not to mention the bonus of getting to pet all the fabrics along the way! 

It makes me think back to another much less fun inventory day. I was home for the summer during college working for Kelly Services and they assigned me to a company called Sprague Devices. (If I recall correctly, they made windshield wipers for trucks.) I sat on a dirty floor in a warehouse counting little nuts, bolts and flotsam for what felt like an entire year, but in reality was only a day or two. It was exhausting and filthy and thank goodness I was 20 and didn’t care how icky the job was! 

Compared to that experience, today should be a breeze! By Sunday morning, I hope to have a comprehensive list of my remaining handbags – without ending up covered in dirt! (Although, at some point I’ll probably sit on the floor… and I haven’t vacuumed in awhile… so, maybe a little dirt, then.)