Influential People 

Yesterday, I had a lovely chat with my kindergarten teacher – Mrs. Guynn. We’ve kept in touch through Christmas cards and mutual friends over the years. She is an incredible lady! Not only is she a brilliant and talented educator, but she also lives in a rural area doing lots of gardening – all at the prime age of 101! 

She’s just as quick and clear as she’s always been, remembering the names of my family members & asking questions about how my business is going! Currently, she’s having a little trouble with bronchitis and just wants to be, “done with it, already “! Ah, to have that much spunk at 101 – almost 102! She’s my hero! 

So, to all the special people who show us how it’s done – I salute you!!! Thank you, Mrs. Guynn!!! 

Me & best friend, Stephanie, with Mrs. Guynn in kindergarten

At 100th birthday party almost 2 years ago

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  1. How wonderful! That she’s still going strong, that you’ve stayed in touch, and that she’s lived long enough to hear how much she has meant to former students!

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