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Boy, it has been a week! And it’s only Thursday! This week has brought lots of firsts! And like most new things, they are exciting and terrifying all at the same time!

I was asked to be a vendor in a new store opening up in Detroit and the owners asked me to provide them with a line sheet. Now, in true entrepreneurial fashion, I said, “Of course I can provide you with a line sheet!” And I promptly opened up Google to find out what the hell was a line sheet!

I knew it was a tool used in wholesale, but had no clue beyond that! So guess what? I now have a line sheet!! Thankfully, I had been paving the way for this to happen prior to this week. Ultimately, I just had to sort out the format. I was ready with most of the information already! This was the first big mile marker of the week.

Next, I have been talking about creating pillows for awhile now and this week, I got the first samples! With any new product, there are usually lots of decisions to make and hiccups to work around. But, I’m very happy with the road we’re on and it’s going to be a mighty fine place to start!

I’ll have an official release for the pillows and other upcoming homegoods soon! But for now, I simply wanted to share the good news that more cool woven stuff is coming!! Whew!!

Stretching yourself in so many directions at once is thrilling! But a very strong part of me wants to just sit down and thread some yarns through the loom to balance it all out! Throw in more known elements to counteract the many unknowns, if you will.

It’s so exciting to grow the business! But, I’ve always been the girl who’d rather stroll down the hill versus ride my bike at top speed with my hair on fire. So balance is the key. Along with the support of great friends and family. Oh – and lots of faith!!

What big milestones are you working on this week?

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