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Happy 2018, everyone! It’s a shiny new year and I’m excited to look life over with fresh eyes! So while I’m enjoying my day off, I’m also doing a bit of planning.

What are your thoughts on paper planners? I feel like technology (which can be awesome!) doesn’t always do the trick for me. I used to be a hardcore Franklin Covey girl, but then this crazy smart phone thing came along and it has a calendar built in! So each year I try to find the balance between the convenience of my phone & the effectiveness of paper.

For 2018, I have a fabulous monthly/daily calendar to help me stay on track, keep the big picture in mind, and figure out exactly how much time I have! It’s going to be great! The goal is to stay excited about it beyond the first few weeks in January! (I think I can, I think I can…)

Unsurprisingly, the year will kick off with some weaving! I have had this lovely project on my floor loom forever! (At least since before the holiday shows began… which feels like another lifetime ago!) I can’t wait to sit back down at the loom and finish it up! It’s going to be a series of full-sized hand towels. Yum!

I hope that wherever you are, your toes are warm and you’re looking forward to a fabulous new year!

p.s. I’ve decided to start including a song with each post! Music makes everything better! The song of the day is, “One Foot” by Walk the Moon! Happy New Year, friends!!

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