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Happy Wednesday! We’re three days into the new year – how are your resolutions holding up? Going strong? Wobbly? Obliterated? I’m still fairly gung-ho over here! But, as I said, it’s Day 3…

One of my tasks for the week is to begin wrapping up 2017. This means taking inventory. You would think counting inventory would be a very straightforward process, right? It’s counting! We’ve been doing it since we were in preschool! You’d be amazed at how complicated I make the task. It’s fairly impressive, really!

First up, I have handbags and other products scattered throughout the house. Just collecting the goods into one central location is a part time job! You know, I always have some that need repairs, and some that are set aside just for the website, and some that have been hidden in random corners by fairies.

Once I manage to count what’s in my house, I try to get at least a rough estimate of what I have left in stores. Here’s where counting becomes more of an art form. It’s about half cold hard facts and half conjecture. Thankfully, my tax lady won’t ask to count them herself so I’m okay!

Counting inventory becomes time-sensitive when I have to deliver a collection of handwoven goodies to a brand new store this Friday – yay! My counts will be changing already! (I’ll fill you in on the new store soon, I promise!) What things do you do to close out the year?

Song of the Day – Paul Simon, “Me & Julio Down by the Schoolyard”

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