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Well friends, we’re a week and a half into 2018 – how’s it going for you? I have a loose list of goals for the new year, one of them being to get up a little earlier. I’m naturally a morning person, so that makes sense, right? What I forgot to factor in was it’s winter. In NW Indiana. Where it is dark until 7:15 am. And gray. And cold. Very, very cold.

Even with Mother Nature refusing to cooperate, I’m about 50%. And the days I sleep in a bit, I’m trying not to feel guilty about it because I plan to make up for it this summer! When it’s warm. And sunny. Oh, so sunny!

The upside to the gray coldness is that I’m not crazy overbooked. The weather tends to encourage folks to stay inside (go figure!) and for me, I get into a kind of productive hibernation. Now I know that the word “hibernation” produces images of bears sleeping in caves. Take that image and pretend the bear is weaving! That’s pretty close to what life looks like in my house!

So considering it is Day 10 of 2018 and some days I’ve been up earlier than others, I’m still pretty happy with the way things are going! Here’s to continuing the new year/winter momentum!

How is your year going so far?

Song of the Day – Queen, “Somebody to Love”

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