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What’s your take on vision boards? Yay? Nay? Never heard of ’em?

Well, a vision board is typically a collection of images, words, and phrases all posted on a board of some kind. The items you glue/print/attach to the board all represent something meaningful you want in your life. For instance, you want to be healthier in the future so you attach a picture of a runner. This doesn’t have to mean you will morph into a marathoner, but it can simply be a visual cue for keeping you on track.

I bring all this up because yesterday I met with a wonderful trio of ladies and we created vision boards for 2018. Over the years, I’ve done these kinds of exercises before and I’m always a fan! I don’t necessarily think to do them on my own, but I enjoy the process and appreciate the visual reminder of where I’m headed.

Part of what made yesterday unique was that I only knew one of the ladies prior to our meeting. Working on something this personal with a room of virtual strangers could have been awkward. But as it turns out, it was great! Listening to their current situations and future goals was inspiring! Each woman has a business she is building with a variety of challenges in her future.

Plus, observing people putting together something like this is fascinating! Do you like a lot of images? Does it all have to match? Do you spend more time searching for inspiration than actually jumping into action? Do you need to fill every inch of the board? Do you prefer some verbiage with the photos?

In some ways, this was one of the best experiences in getting to know someone really quickly! It wasn’t simply about what each woman chose to put on her board, but also the way she did it! I probably left the most blank space showing, which is fitting since I get overwhelmed with too much going on. And the other gals incorporated less words, which just speaks to how each person likes to be inspired.

I’m really looking forward to a future meeting with this particular group to find out more about them and if their 2018 is falling in line with their boards!

What’s your take on vision boards?

Song of the Day – Alice Merton, “No Roots”

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