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Remember last week when I told you about a new project? Well, here is my update.

When last I left you, I was sleying the reed with cottolin – a new fiber for me. Despite my inability to add properly resulting in an additional trip to the warping board, I was excited about the challenge!

Since then, I’ve secured the reed in the loom and threaded the heddles. I normally go with a simple, albeit boring, threading. Then again, my work isn’t usually pattern-driven. So this is another change for me! The end result needs to be in a Spot Bronson pattern which means that every other yarn sits on shaft number one.

For the weavers out there, you can follow along. And for everyone else, it doesn’t matter! All you have to know is that this is a different order for threading the loom than my usual, and that automatically means it will take me longer – much, MUCH longer! I didn’t take into account the fact that I’m using a finer yarn, too (18 yarns per inch, instead of 12). So of course it’ll take longer! Good times.

So this brings us to yesterday when it really went south! The heddles had been threaded and it was time to wind on the project. I start turning the crank and ‘ping!’ – I hear a yarn snap. I stand there stunned for a good two minutes trying to figure out what just happened! Finally, I snap out of it and jump into action. Because of where the yarn broke, I was able to tie the ends and carry on.

I get everything back in order, turn the crank and ‘ping’! Another one! To give you a sense of perspective, in the last 4-5 years using cotton yarn, I’ve broken one yarn total! So to break two in 10 minutes makes for a wildly cranky weaver! It’s no bueno, I’m telling you!

What comes next is a string of curse words and some childish stomping around. Thankfully, the dog sleeping 10 feet away is almost completely deaf so I didn’t have an audience. After a few deep breaths, I go measure another yarn from the sunny yellow, god forsaken cottolin, and put in a replacement thread.

I wound the rest of the project holding my breath, working at a pace that sloths would envy. It’s a small project, which was my only saving grace for my sanity. I got it all wound on and tied the ends.

This morning’s task was to crawl under the loom to change the tie-ups and finally start the weaving! I’m only a few inches into it so far, but I’m hopeful it will be a dream to work with from here on out! (Please let that be true!!) Stay tuned for the conclusion of this crazy project!

Have you had plans go awry lately? Is it just me?

Song of the Day – Phil Collins, “Land of Confusion”

p.s. I jot down the songs for the day long before I write the blog posts, so it’s incredibly ironic how the two go together today!

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