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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I have been reflecting on what I love! Here’s my abbreviated list –

* Parents who generously let you live in the basement while building a business.

* A little brother who asks when you’re coming back to visit the second you leave.

* A sister who will harmonize with you while blasting a song in the car.

* Nephews, and pretty much everything about them!

* The waitresses & waiters at the local restaurant who bring me hot tea the moment I sit down.

* A lifelong friendship with a girl who I’ve known since the day she was born.

* A 15 year-old Daschund who shows me how to never give up on a daily basis.

* Yarn of any kind – especially in green!

* The process of weaving, which I am mystified and exhilarated by each & every day.

* An incredible friend who has supported & challenged me in a weekly conference call for years.

* A small town on Lake Michigan that’s exactly perfect for me in every way.

* An entire roster of amazing people who would help me mop up the basement at a moment’s notice.

* A part-time gig that allows me to pursue the dream of future years while managing the current days.

* A fabulous local library that feeds my reading addiction for anything with great characters and a happy ending.

* A relaxing weekend with three girls who are happy to just be together with no other expectations.

* All the supporters over the years who have purchased something from Acton Creative.

The list could go on and on, for sure! But these were front and center for this lovely Valentine’s Day 2018!

What makes your list this year?

Song of the Day – Aqualung, “Brighter Than Sunshine”

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