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It’s a new year – can you believe it? Time goes so quickly, it’s hard to keep up! But, like any artist, I really love the beginnings. So starting 2019? Yep! I’m excited about that!

Last year was about reformatting my business, which meant it was strange, exciting and a tad unnerving. This year, it’s all about building my business (which probably means it’ll also be strange, exciting and a tad unnerving!). But, I’m growing more accustomed to that sensation and embracing it as I go.

2019 Vision Board

A portion of the 2019 vision board

To start things off strong, I’ve done a vision board. Have you ever done one of these? I’ve done them off and on throughout my life. Last year, I did one with Jane Lump and it sat in a prominent spot on my dresser where I could see it for the entire year. Did it magically bring all my dreams to life? Probably not. But, it was an amazing reminder of what I’m working towards and that’s pretty damn valuable in the long run!

Next, I’m working with a paper planner. My history with planners goes WAY back to the corporate days and the popular Franklin Covey planner (probably circa early 2000’s). Matter of fact, I still have the hard cover with some old addresses in it. Man, I used that sucker for years!! I got so excited when they released more stylized versions of the stark, plain Jane pages I started with. I loved having a central location where everything was written down. I’m one of those folks that needs to physically write a note to remember it. So, this was good for me!

Brian Tracy Goals Book

Brian Tracy Goals Book

Then, smart phones and technology crept in and I felt the pressure to go digital. I firmly believe that technology can be wildly helpful! But, after years of trying to plan/schedule/write to-do’s completely on my phone, I picked up a paper planner for 2018. It wasn’t anything glamorous. But boy, did it make a difference for me! So this year, I’m fully embracing the paper planner and letting my phone remind me of appointments and time sensitive tasks.  I’m hoping it’ll be a match made in productivity heaven!

Lastly, for this new, exciting year, I’m focusing on and visualizing my goals. This formula for mental exercises is a fairly standard theme in business and self-improvement books. And while I’ve read the suggestions time and time again, I’m going all in this year! Matter of fact, my friend Laura and I are re-reading Goals, How to Get Everything You Want – Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible, by Brian Tracy. We’ve tackled this nugget multiple times, but it’s resonating more effectively this time around. It’s all about timing, isn’t it?

Do you have plans/resolutions/big ideas for 2019? If so, I applaud you! Dream big! If not, no worries – the year could completely surprise you! Cheers, everyone! Happy weaving!!

Blue green bobbins

There needs to be at least one weaving-related photo, don’t you think? Happy 2019!

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