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Before the holidays and all their craziness, I had set up my table loom with a blue/green warp. My goal is to turn the fabric into fingertip towels (about 10-1/2″ x 22″ each). And if memory serves, I had shown you the process right up to the magical parts – the actual weaving. So, let’s wrap this up, shall we?

Woven Blue Green Fabric at the beginning

Blue Green Fabric at the beginning (a little tp acting as spacers)

I tend to use my table loom primarily for demonstrations at events. But, I set up the blue/green warp on the table loom with the intention of weaving it at home. This may seem like a silly detail to include, but when I’m doing a public demonstration I try to always be aware of the fact that I need to weave and talk at the same time. The weaving pattern then needs to be simple enough that I can do both! (Multi-tasking has never really been my strong suit…)

Woven Blue Green Fabric

Can you see the two greens in the weft?

In this case, it was just me, sitting at home, in the basement, going to town! So, I decided I was going to fancy it up a bit. I was going to use not one shuttle, but two! (What?!!!) I decided to alternate shuttles – each one containing a different color of yarn. Turns out, keeping up with two shuttles still felt a little like patting my head and rubbing my belly at the same time. (I haven’t looked too closely yet, but I have no doubt there are a few spots where, let’s just say, I was patting both parts of my body – keeping with the analogy!) In the end, I love the effect it produced!

Woven Blue Green Fabric w/Shuttle

Here comes the shuttle!

I didn’t introduce any other colors besides the ones that were incorporated into the warp (blues, greens, tans). So while it isn’t a very daring piece of fabric, it sure is pretty! And there will be plenty of other times to push the envelope and be brilliant. This was the perfect project for an otherwise stressful time of year. It forced me to pay attention while working (taking my mind off the never-ending to-do list) and it produced a little bolt of fabric boasting a fabulous blend of colors that simply makes me happy. That’s a win by any account!

Woven Blue Green Fabric

A bird’s eye view of the very end!

This bit of blue/green wonder is currently at the seamstress, being transformed into towels for folks to enjoy! I can’t wait to see them! Did you have a calming activity that helped you survive the holidays? Happy weaving, my friends!

Woven Blue Green Fabric

Just yum…

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