Everyone has a favorite yarn, right? It is the yarn that you know will hold up in your project and will produce fantastic results. It is your go-to fiber – kind of like a best friend. Well, in Episode 3 of A Handwoven Experience, I’m walking folks through my case for why cotton is the best, specifically carpet warp. If you haven’t tried a carpet warp in your projects yet, I highly recommend it! And, if you have a favorite weaving yarn you’d like to tell me about, I would love to hear what it is! Happy Weaving, my friend! (Don’t forget to check out the show notes below.)


Show notes

Carpet warp or rug warp – an 8/4 cotton great for rugs and much more! (check out Ep. 2 for details on what the numbers mean!)

Ply – a single strand of yarn

Unmercerized – to “mercerize” a cotton is to give it a treatment that makes it silky and creates a vivid color. “Unmercerized” cotton has not gone through that process and therefore has a matte finish. It also shrinks a bit more than the treated cotton.

Three Moons Fiberworks, 402 Broadway, Chesterton, IN 46304

Warp – yarns that are under tension in a loom

Weft – yarns that are in a shuttle

Waffle weave – type of weave used a lot in creating towels, very dimensional

Sett – how far apart yarns are placed in a weaving project

Shrinkage – typically shrinkage is referred to as a percentage. You calculate it by taking the size difference between an unwashed and washed weaving project.

Bleeding – when extra dye releases and stains neighboring yarns (Shout Color Catchers are great for avoiding bleeding!)