Hi, hi! In this week’s episode of A Handwoven Experience, I am talking about planning a weaving project. As a matter of fact, this kicks off a 7-part series walking you through the weaving process, from planning to finishing. Because most folks have never seen a weaver before, I am often asked if weaving is hard. And my answer is definitely no! But, there are a lot of steps. Each individual step? Piece of cake. The trick is simply to know what comes next and what is important at each stage. No problemo, right?

Take a look at this week’s episode below! By the end, you’ll have a better view of what it looks like to plan a weaving project – plus, I’m sharing one of my favorite planning tools! Enjoy!


Show notes –

Planning a weaving project – determining the length of each warp yarn & how many you’ll need, as well as laying out the order that the yarns will go into the loom

Warp yarns – yarns that under tension, in a loom

Weft yarns – yarns that are in the shuttle

Table runner – typically, a narrow piece of fabric that lays on the middle of a table; decorative

Graph paper – paper with printed horizontal and vertical lines, creating a grid layout

Warping board – a frame with pegs sticking out of it, used for measuring the warp for a weaving project